The Future of Retail

The only report covering all relevant future trends in the retail industry

Why the Future of Retail?

The Future of Retail investigates the vectors transforming both online and brick-and-mortar trading in the next 2-to-5 years. The report begins by focusing on the most important social and economic developments (e.g., ageing of the population, digital divide, smart cities, emergence of metro areas), before examining the up-and-coming technological advances (e.g., last mile delivery, cashierless checkout, visual search, in-store voice search,....). It also presents three "weak signal" cases (e.g., hybridization of retail, at home pop-up stores and non-adjacent convergence) and four inductive future scenarios.
70+ Pages / 8 Tech Trends / 4 Creative Future Scenarios

What customers say about The Future of Retail

Exactly what I needed

Daniel on Dec 04, 2018
Clear, spot on. Interesting trends and references to real life examples and companies.

The future is bright(er)!

Mia on Feb 08, 2019
As a non tech expert, I have now a better understanding of all technologies trends in the world of retail. We use the report as a deep-dive before a series of innovation sessions.

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Key Elements of the Report

Social Trends
  • The Future of Societal Dichotomies
  • The Blurrification of lifestyles
  • New Luxury and New Premium
  • The City of the Future
Emerging Technologies
  • Self-driving mobile stores
  • Location-based personalized experiences
  • Check-out free Shopping
  • Smart Mirrors and Personalized Technology
  • AR and Voice Enabled In-store Search
  • Last Mile: Fast Drone/Robot Delivery
  • Visual Search
  • Improved Traceability
Weak Signals
  • Hybridization of Retail
  • At Home Pop-up Stores
  • Non-Adjacent Convergence