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TFO was founded with the idea of bridging the need between the demand and offer of future-related understanding.
In the era of unknown unknowns, uncertainty and hyper-turbulent change, where technology adoption rates have disrupted the traditional s-curve of innovation, a qualitative, scenario based, approach to foresight and insight, is key for any strategy.
In this sense, TFO offers first and foremost, foresight industry reports, to help identifying the social, economical and technological vectors which are reshaping a specific industry. In addition to that, the foresight reports take a snapshot of up-and-coming solutions in the industry, by looking at weak signals, and by offering creative future scenarios (e.g., the hybridization of retail).
In addition to that, we provide a number of technology snap-shots, which aim at presenting the tech in a simple, yet thorough, fashion, by focusing on the business so-what, rather then the technical details.

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