NeXthing #002

NeXthing #002

by The Future Of - Foresight Made Accessible

Artificial Intelligence Era Requires New Approaches to Create AI Talent
We live in the world of AI currently, and there is plenty of talk about what the future holds. With doubts over the future everywhere, one can predict that AI is soon going to be an imperative part of our lives. Considering the likely future impact of AI, there is a need to ensure that the right AI talent comes up and gets to the top to lead this wave of change. According to several key leaders from Huawei, this can only be achieved by changing certain approaches. Read
Taking a counterintuitive approach to business strategy and technology deployment
As with other disruptive technologies such as augmented/virtual reality, blockchain, drones/UAVs and the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI) has significant potential to transform business models, processes, products and services. According to McKinsey, it’s estimated that AI has the potential to deliver additional global economic activity of around $13 trillion by 2030, or about 16 percent higher cumulative GDP compared with today. This amounts to 1.2 percent additional GDP growth per year. Read
Up-and-Coming Personalized Skincare
Founded by Meghan Maupin and Sid Salvi, with Dr Ranella Hirsch, Atolla brings a scientific method to skincare—removing trial and error, and drastically reducing waste. By using machine learning and a proprietary algorithm, the team at Atolla creates serums that are crafted specifically for each user—tracking changes in skin’s moisture, oil and pH levels due to diet, weather, allergies and more. Read
What We Can Learn from China’s Clicks to Bricks Retail
Three trends from the past year show how China is excelling in the evolution of omnichannel retail. Read
The ‘Baby Boom’ Charts a Return to Supersonic Flight
The airplane that could herald a new generation of supersonic passenger flight looks an awful lot like a fighter jet. It’s long and sleek, with a narrow wingspan, two tandem seats, and three engines blasting full afterburners to propel it to twice the speed of sound. Read
Fei-Fei Li's Quest to Make AI Better for Humanity
Sometime around 1 am on a warm night last June, Fei-Fei Li was sitting in her pajamas in a Washington, DC, hotel room, practicing a speech she would give in a few hours. Before going to bed, Li cut a full paragraph from her notes to be sure she could reach her most important points in the short time allotted. Read

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