NeXthing #003

NeXthing #003

by The Future Of - Foresight Made Accessible

Jobs of the future, skills and sustainable consumption
We gave a short talk at an ITU conference at LSE last month connecting a number of dots related to jobs, skills and sustainable consumption. And panelists raised some really interesting points that we thought we’d share here. Read


Digital Health is empowering patients like never before
Digital health is empowering patients like never before, forcing healthcare systems to market directly to patients. This focus on the patient is being sped in part by the increasing cost of healthcare and changes in health insurance coverage. Read


Google will be a Healthcare Tech Powerhouse
Google is absorbing DeepMind’s health care unit to create an ‘AI assistant for nurses and doctors’ as tech companies increasingly are looking to pivot into healthcare including the likes of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and others. Read

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