NeXThing #007 and Happy New Year

NeXThing #007 and Happy New Year

by The Future Of - Foresight Made Accessible

Where to Profit as Tech Transforms Mobility
This report is part of BCG’s research on the future of automotive, a series of publications focusing on new technologies that are transforming the industry. Here, we examine the impact of technological change on industry profit pools. The Reimagined Car looked at the ways in which shared autonomous electric vehicles will change mobility in the US, and The Electric Car Tipping Point focused on the evolution of powertrain technologies. Read

The Reimagined Car
What if we told you that we researched and wrote this entire report while each of us was driving to appointments in different cities, completely alone in separate cars but still videoconferencing, referencing our latest financial models, and researching last-minute details—all the while comfortable that we were driving in a way that was both safe and environmentally conscious. Read

What’s Next for the Sharing Economy?
The sharing economy has rapidly emerged as a large and expanding force. At first glance, it seems mainly limited to the mobility industry (Uber and China’s Didi Chuxing) and the hospitality industry (Airbnb). But the economic foundations of sharing are broad. Read

Permissioned blockchains are a dead end
When I’m having discussions with corporate people who are thinking about how to set up a blockchain use case, I hear a lot of concerns about public ledgers: The technology is not mature enough, it’s too slow, we need to protect our proprietary data. I feel like there are a couple of misconceptions though and a key drawback of permissioned ledgers that people underestimate: Combinatorial complexity. So I’d like to stick up for public ledgers and share my 2 cents about the topic. Read

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