NeXThing #005

NeXThing #005

by The Future Of - Foresight Made Accessible

The Role of Green Projects in Scaling Climate Investments
International climate talks in Paris set an ambitious goal: to sharply reduce global warming by 2100. This will require increasing current investments in clean energy and other sustainability efforts by $1 trillion per year until 2050. The more recent discussions at COP23 in Bonn further addressed the challenges of reaching this goal—and the lack of meaningful progress. Read
The era of human gene-editing may have begun. Why that is worrying
A Chinese scientist claims to have edited the genomes of twin baby girls. Humanity’s power to control the four-letter code of life has advanced by leaps and bounds. A new gene-editing technology called crispr-Cas9, which was not discovered until 2012, has been the subject of particular excitement. It allows dna to be edited easily, raising hopes that it could eventually be used to relieve human suffering. This week, however, crispr has caused more unease than optimism, because of claims by a Chinese scientist that he edited the genomes of twin girls when they were embryos, as part of ivf treatment. The idea that one scientist could make the leap towards editing reproductive cells has been condemned, but it has not been ruled out. Even if Mr He turns out to be a fraud, others have the means, the motive and the opportunity to do similar work. crispr is not a complex technology. That leads to two responses. Read
Blockchain in Enterprise Part I: Rubber to Road
As we enter month number 11 of the great (crypto) depression, there are a few observations worth noting. The price of bitcoin has broken below the $4,000 support level, falling to roughly a third of what it was valued at this time last year. The regulators, namely the SEC, are starting to crack down on entities and individuals they deem to be ‘non-compliant’, the most recent incident seeing EtherDelta founder Zachary Coburn being fined up to the tune of $400K for “operating an unregistered securities exchange”. Finally, it’s been estimated that between 600,000–800,000 miners have shut down operations amidst price declines, causing a significant decrease in hash rates across more traditional PoW blockchain platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Read
Niger will use drones to protect almost extinct antelope species
When we think about endangered animals in Afrika at risk of extinction or being poached, we usually think of elephants and rhinos. This can be attributed to various factors including increased publicity around the increasing threats that rhinos and elephants face from poachers. However, there are other endangered animal species in Afrika that also require as much protection and publicity. Read

WHEN KING GEORGE III of England began to show signs of acute mania toward the end of his reign, rumors about the royal madness multiplied quickly in the public mind. One legend had it that George tried to shake hands with a tree, believing it to be the King of Prussia. Another described how he was whisked away to a house on Queen Square, in the Bloomsbury district of London, to receive treatment among his subjects. The tale goes on that George’s wife, Queen Charlotte, hired out the cellar of a local pub to stock provisions for the king’s meals while he stayed under his doctor’s care. Read

The Future 100 - 2019
After a year of political, environmental and economic upheaval, The Future 100: 2019 predicts how these disruptive currents will play out in culture, consumer behavior and emerging trends as consumers seek to navigate the storm. Read

Amazon is Showing Healthcare is the Next Big Thing for Machine Learning
Amazon will save Healthcare industry $Billions via machine learning algo that extracts key data from patient records — it’s an EMR revolution by AI. Read

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