NeXthing #004

NeXthing #004

by The Future Of - Foresight Made Accessible

The Role of Green Projects in Scaling Climate Investments
International climate talks in Paris set an ambitious goal: to sharply reduce global warming by 2100. This will require increasing current investments in clean energy and other sustainability efforts by $1 trillion per year until 2050. The more recent discussions at COP23 in Bonn further addressed the challenges of reaching this goal—and the lack of meaningful progress.Read


Ten Steps Toward the Circular Economy
Corporate leaders are increasingly seeing the business and societal value of strategies to reuse and recycle resources—and thus are moving toward what’s known as a “circular economy.” This approach rethinks the traditional take-make-dispose economic model and envisions a new model that is regenerative by design. Read


The Economic Case for Combating Climate Change
Consensus thinking holds that the world will have a hard time reaching the headline goal of the Paris Agreement—keeping the increase in global average temperature to less than 2°C above preindustrial levels. Moreover, in the absence of coordinated global action, countries that unilaterally pursue a “2°C path” will face significant first-mover disadvantages. Read


Interview: Antoinette Carroll, TED Fellow and Founder of Creative Reaction Lab
St. Louis-based Creative Reaction Lab (CRL) actively works with communities, specifically their youth, to devise plans aimed at overcoming systemic disadvantages—from racial and economic inequities to social and cultural limitations and policy that disproportionately separates minorities in the education and housing sectors. Through CRL’s programming, young people interested in entrepreneurship, creativity, community development and design learn how their interests can make changes in their community and help in the fight for justice.Read


The Current: New Wheels for the Post-Petrol Age
From eco-friendly power to wild designs, The Current: New Wheels for the Post-Petrol Age showcases the future of bikes—as well as a few cars and three-wheelers. From the stunning wooden and steel AVIONICS V1 to Alta Motors’ Redshift St concept, Cake’s striking Kalk, designs by Night Shift and more, the book is full of covetable bicycles. Readers can delve into the electric revolution over 208 pages—exploring engineering, design, custom creations, classic brands and more.Read


How does Brexit compare with other great crises?
THE ONLY rule of British politics for the coming weeks is that nobody knows anything. The prime minister doesn’t know who will resign next. The factions don’t know their relative strengths. Nobody knows what is bluff and what is in deadly.Read


Top 3 AR innovations transforming digital media
Augmented reality is changing the media landscape in so many ways. As a result of increased usage and the potential to incorporate the technology into apps, wearables, and more, AR has become a way for marketers to tell engaging stories that create meaningful interactions with consumers anywhere.Read


Top 7 sustainable innovations driving the circular economy
In the drive to creating a more sustainable planet, the circular economy is a growing force for change. The regenerative nature of reinvesting resources and waste products back into sustainable production means that businesses can operate more efficiently and with less negative environmental impact. For example, there is enough food produced across the world to solve world hunger, yet so much of it goes to waste. Innovations such as the foodbox described below help to alleviate this drain of resources. Other means include using waste products to create textiles or even building materials. These curated innovations outline how sustainability and the circular economy can work together in the drive for positive change.Read


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