The Present of Artificial Intelligence

The Present of Artificial Intelligence

by The Future Of - Foresignt Accessible

One of the most interesting developments of the last years is the evolution of AI, already becoming omnipresent in the devices around us. AI is in so many fields, that there is even a number of AI services writing articles and content for bloggers! Content is king and therefore content it’s for AI! The Future of team, decided to test one of those services and report the experiment. We tested a service called Articoolo, which allows the selection of a topic, by inputting few words, and finally provides a full-fledged article, up to 500 words. Our keywords: The Future of AI


In our lives, Artificial Intelligence is intruding from Siri into Alexa assistant and it is growing. Humans have invented computers to increase the speed decrease of time, of the work and performing a number of tasks. Artificial Intelligence is currently taking a step forward in producing computers and machines as intelligent as human beings. What's Artificial Intelligence? John McCarthy is known as actually the Father of Artificial Intelligence. Based on him, AI is the Science and Engineering of making intelligent machines. This is. AI is in machines that may think in a manner that is comparable how humans believe or fact making of Computer Systems.


The first paragraph is useful, because it allows two exemplify two aspects of Artificial Intelligence. One if the Natural Language Processing and Understanding, which albeit has evolved very rapidly, still needs further strengthening, and writing a language is not as easy as conversing in the language. NLP and NLU, together with visual and object recognition are two of the leading areas of AI from a business point of view. The first set is behind the “bot”-ification of customer service, and the emergence of AI based virtual assistants. The second is playing an important role in fueling the development of self-driving cars as well as cashier-less retail shopping (See our Future of Retail, report).

The second aspect that derives from the paragraph analysis, is the content. It uses reference to top AI related keywords (Siri and Alexa) to the origins of the AI and its father: all of these data, are freely available on-line, which basically means that the Articoolo’s AI is trained in searching online keywords and extract content from there. Knowing that not always the info only are correct, this makes the content a bit tricky, unless there is a behind-the-scenes engine, separating original sources from fake ones.


AI is Called even a AI or a AI. It's reached a point where it could do voice recognition, face detection, driving cars. However researchers vision is developing an overall AI or AI that is strong where machines and the Computer systems will outperform the humans in every job that is cognitive and in intelligence. Applications of Artificial Intelligence - Gaming plays a vital role in games such as chess, poker where it may think number of measures that the mind can believe. Voice recognition: Voice recognition software is helpful. The system processes your voice and may interact with you at a human language.

The second paragraph, is trying to focus on the applications of AI, but, in all honesty, does not really make a lot of sense. In any case the structure seems to be emerging from the related searches on our Artificial Intelligence keywords:




Robots: Robots are great inventions. Robots can carry out the tasks that people do and that too at an efficient manner. They've sensors to differentiate physical info from this present reality, for instance, light, warm, temperature, development, sound, knock, and weight. The best thing is they can even learn from their mistakes and next time robots can avoid doing the same mistake for a particular task. There are several Applications in AI where the Computer system aids the user in guiding, advising, giving info and imparting reasoning on a certain topic. This really helps the user to get a more detailed understanding of actually the subject.


“Robots are great inventions” claims the writing robot, they can replace people in an efficient way. These humans, so inefficient. And smelly. And they complain so much. And most of them can’t spell anyway. “Robots can avoid doing the me mistake for a particular task” although spelling and grammar are beyond robots, at least until today. As a matter of facts, AI learns, and statistically improves its task. We can be sure that the more Articoolo’s bot will be used, the better and more relevant the search, the better and more precise the writing. And this is what brings us to the next big topic: fear of AI, which is narrated in the last paragraph.


How can AI be dangerous? Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Wozniak, Bill Gates, and numerous other huge names at science and innovation have as of late communicated worry at actually the media and by means of open letters on actually the dangers postured by AI, joined by numerous driving AI specialists. AI might be used into create messages and instant messages, as well as phony sound and video. The investigators have perceived how AI may be utilized to impersonate a goals voice in the wake of focusing only a number of minutes of speech recording, and how it may transform film of people talking into manikins.


In conclusion, the present of AI is made of much experimentation a lots and lots of learning, which needs to happen on the correct learning dataset. The key to whether the specific application is going to be useful or not, it will depend not on the learning ability, but on the training datasets. Recent news coverage described Amazon, ditching an AI for HR project, because the system was showcasing a gender bias in recruiting. Was the AI wrong? Probably, not. Was the AI trained on data that generated the wrong bias? Probably yes.

And finally, one last comment: while our input included the word “Future” the bot response is much focused on the other keyword, providing current applications, a history of AI, and references to usefulness and fear. Not a single word of what might happen in the future (unless we are all doomed, the AI knows about it, and it has clear instructions of not sharing that info).




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