1. Digital Transformation: fast is as important as right.

    The need for speed.

    In a recent post, I highlighted the importance of approaching digital transformation in the right way and honest way: too many companies treat the process as a limited experiment, and many more do not even try, just pretend they are transforming. Nevertheless, there is a third, critical dimension for digital transformation to be successful: speed.

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  2. Leadership in the era of tech disruption
    Whether your firm is a tech innovator or not; whether tech disruptors are already transforming your industry or not; whether you believe or not to ...
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  3. Foresight 101 - definition and its forms
    The historical context
    In his 1985 article on the Harvard Business Review, Prof. Michael Porter presented one of the most significant economic changes of the second half of last century: the evolution from industry-driven economy to knowledge-based economy. The latter challenges the status quo, in three parallel ways: first and foremost, it reshapes the industry structure, by ultimately altering the rules of competition of a sector.
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  4. The Land of “Possible, Probable and Preferable”

    Why we need to understand the future and its impact on strategy.


    Canadian academic and thought leader Henry Mintzberg, in a 1994 article published on the Harvard Business Review, defined the differences between strategic planning and strategic thinking in a powerful, well-known statement:


    “Strategic planning isn’t strategic thinking. One is analysis, and the other is synthesis.”

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  5. Genomics and the future of healthcare
    The Human Genome Project was a collaborative effort aiming at mapping the DNA sequence of human cells, started in 1990. The project was initially set to run for 15 years, but already in 2000 a draft of the findings was published, and in 2003 the effort was considered completed. Nowadays, the sequencing is considered a key milestone in healthcare, but research on the Genome is still undergoing and far from being concluded. First and foremost because the Genome library is considered a combined mosaic of the donors’ genetic sequence, as each individual’s DNA is - of course - unique, and therefore many questions are still unanswered.
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  6. Change, Hyper-turbulence and technology
    Zygmunt Bauman’s idea of fluid modernity is a good metaphor for the type of change we are experiencing: while the components of our reality flow on each other, the landscape is less stable and predictable, and in certain cases, it can be even chaotic and turbulent.
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  7. The Present of Artificial Intelligence
    One of the most interesting developments of the last years is the evolution of AI, already becoming omnipresent in the devices around us. AI is in ...
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  8. Our Future Society is even more divided
    Excerpt from the Future of Retail Why is the middle class so important?In a capitalistic system, it plays a pivotal role as an economic engine, as...
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