Our reason For being

The Future Of aims at improving our understanding of the future, by providing easy-to-understand analysis, reports and deep-dives, in complex future related subjects. Our dream is to make foresight accessible. Our purpose is to help manager, consultants and entrepreneurs to have a better grasp of the future, so that we can all create a better future for ourselves and our kids.
Our research spans three areas:


By providing useful reports on the future of a specific industry, and by looking at which social, economic and technology-related trends are reshaping the sector. When possible we also look at weak signals, and provide creative future scenarios, which are meant to be a starting point of a foresight process, not the end of the future exploration journey. In addition to that.

Technology Snapshots

In which we take a look the disruptive force of a technology, by explaining in non tech-terms how it works, and by providing examples and business cases. The scope is to provide you a reassuring understanding of the tech, while not making you an expert. Because that is becoming a minimum conditions of leadership positions in any sector.

Consumer Insights

Social and demographic change, intertwined with faster and faster rates of tech adoption, are reshaping rituals, occasions and consumer behavior. We often elevate Millenials and Gen X,Y,Z as beacons of this change, while ignoring the fact that the change is not limited by demographic prejudice.
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Technology Snapshot! This report on...
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Finally an explanation of important technologies, in a way that make sense to non- technical people.

VP Consumer Goods

A clear so-what from the beginning! Inspiring and creative use cases.

Executive Retail Company

The foresight report provides a clear picture of trends, proposes captivating weak signals and delivers on very creative scenarios.

Healthcare Professional
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